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"PromoFood" is an international business partnership forum for firms and institutions in the food industries, especially in the areas of

  • food products research and development
  • Agricultural production 
  • Organic products
  • Food processing 
  • Production and processing technologies 
  • Distribution and marketing 
  • Logistics 
  • Packaging and design 
  • Miscellaneous


Spain, Scandinavia, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Tunisia, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Germany and more.

Spain will be partner country of the PromoFood 2016.

Cooperation areas:

The organizer does not limit the areas of cooperation, whether experience exchange, sales, subcontracting, product development or technology transfer, "PromoFood" provides an open forum for initiating all types of business cooperation.

The Brandenburg Food Industry:

is, considering the turnover, the number of companies and the employment figures along the whole value chain, one of the most significant economic sectors in Brandenburg. A high number of small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises being acknowledged both in Germany and abroad are forming extensive know-how in the capital region. In conjunction with the excellent regional research community and Berlin as a huge market Brandenburg represents an attractive location for any investment and cooperation.